Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 07:55AM
Elizabeth Levy

What a weekend!  I love Halloween, anyone who's written "DRACULA IS A PAIN IN THE NECK!"  definitely would. And my editor at Roaring Brook, Nancy Mercado, even said that we could launch the book on HALLOWEEN! I had my parrot and pirate hat all ready for a book party at BOOKS OF WONDER with wonderful other writers.  A little rain -- that's okay -- but we had snow, sleet, Slush!   Mordicai was snowed in.  


But friends showed up.  Here are  Jerry Rodgers and Marsall Marcovitz.  Jerry is an actor and makes a great pirate.   And Mordicai showed up on Tuesday just to wear the hat! 

Then it was down to the Halloween Parade!  My friends "Broadway Bodies" dance in the parade so we got to go watch the start!   New York Loves Halloween! And my cousins, Melba and Hugh Levick came in from Paris.  Melba and Marshall took great photos.   And the best thing was that the snow had melted! 

So Happy GHOULS!  And Happy Parrots and Pirates


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