Friday, April 22, 2011 at 11:00AM
Elizabeth Levy

Passover is the celebration of freedom...and it's always been my favorite holiday --

 My great niece and nephew were staying with me -- We polished the silver (thank you Montessori schools) and got the brisket ready by dressing up as Black Bart and Wonder Woman, thanks to my friend across the street, Elizabeth Gerber, who cooks with me and whose oven is big enough to take most of the 17  pounds of brisket it took to feed all 26 of us.  












Here's a picture of me hunting and gathering "New York Style.."  

The Haggadah, the book that we read on passover literally means "To tell..."  This year, it has even more meaning for me because of my recent trip to Egypt, and also because of my deep respect for the Egyptians who are  fighting for their own freedom, and the wonderful people I met, including my guide Ahmed Ramadan. (See the blog post below) Anyone going to Egypt please be in touch with me and I'll get you in touch with him.  He is the best, and took such good care of me and Bruce Coville.  During Passover, Bruce called and we sang him Louis Armstrong's version of Let My People Go..."

Listen to it now.

And here's to two eternals -- story telling and freedom.....



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