Friday, July 1, 2011 at 09:23AM
Elizabeth Levy



There is absolutely nothing more fun than creating something from something—except perhaps celebrating that creation with a party.

And it’s even more fun when you are creating and partying with kids who are authors and artists.  Every year, I work with two amazing teachers, Emilyn Garrick and Dinah Krosnick and a wonderfully supportive principal, Paul Smith. 



We turned the classroom into a cruise ship (see Writing your Own…) and sailed to the homelands of each of the students- Cambodia, China, Ghana, the Dominican Republic…well read for yourself.


The children’s illustrations were amazing.






Thanks to Ryan Stansky (my personal computer and website wizard) we were able to scan all the drawings and give each child the book.  And it does take a village.   My friend, Marshall Marcovitz, took the photos and Marshall and several of my other friends contributed so that each student got his or own book to take home.

 Ryan working on my computerMarshall Marcovitz, Ryan Stansky, Liz, and Elizabeth Gerber, part of our publishing team   

The book is now online for you to read—and for all the families in Ghana and around the world to read the amazing adventure the children read.




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