Thursday, September 1, 2011 at 08:08AM
Elizabeth Levy

When I was two...First of all, I hope all of you and your families and friends and schools are safe after Hurricane Irene.  It was a scary time, but it was touching to me how in the cities and countryside we all worked together to try to keep each other safe. 

This hurricane brought back memories of one of the first stories I ever published, “Hurricanes and Birthday Cake” about the “GREAT ATLANTIC HURRICANE OF September 14, 1944 when I was only two.

Atlantic City 1944 before the hurricane

View of a hurricane from outer space

Atlantic City streets post hurricane 1944


Our house after the hurricane

You can download the whole story here.  I wrote it in 1973, years ago when I was just getting started as a children’s book writer.

I always thought it was funny that one of them most exciting things that ever happened to me happened before I really could remember it.  I was in Atlantic City with my mother, my brother and my cousins, and the storm was so bad that soldiers had to come and help us out.  Everyone told the story how I crawled onto the kitchen table and ate a whole birthday cake in the middle of the storm.  One of my cousins also turned out to be a children's book writer, Robie Harris.

So if you have any pictures and stories from Hurricane Irene…remember to write them down and keep the pictures.   And if you’d like, send them here---and we can all share them.

Stay safe and have a wonderful time seeing all your friends and going back to school this September and sharing your stories of this summer.

Liz Levy

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