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    • Amber Brown Horses Around
      Amber Brown Horses Around
      by Paula Danziger, Bruce Coville, Elizabeth Levy
    • Amber Brown Is on the Move
      Amber Brown Is on the Move
      by Paula Danziger, Bruce Coville, Elizabeth Levy
    • Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink
      Amber Brown Is Tickled Pink
      by Paula Danziger, Bruce Coville, Elizabeth Levy
    • Parrots & Pirates (Mystery at Sea)
      Parrots & Pirates (Mystery at Sea)
      by Elizabeth Levy
    • Danger & Diamonds (A Mystery at Sea)
      Danger & Diamonds (A Mystery at Sea)
      by Elizabeth Levy
    • . . . If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution
      . . . If You Were There When They Signed the Constitution
      by Elizabeth Levy
    • My Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian
      My Life as a Fifth-Grade Comedian
      by Elizabeth Levy

    About Elizabeth Levy


    K.C.'s drawing of FletcherWestview Elementary Principal and LizI grew up in Buffalo, New York. I loved to daydream, and through my fantasies I learned a lot about good writing. I had a crush on Elvis, and I made up what he would say to me. When I became a writer as an adult, I could make my daydreams almost come true. I put Elvis in several of my books. Kids have sent me pictures of Fletcher as Elvis. Principals have even dressed as Elvis when I visited their school.  


    Liz and Mr. MetI went to Brown University where I majored in history. After I graduated, I came to New York City and worked for ABC-TV and Radio, and then for Senator Robert Kennedy. My first book was written shortly after Senator Kennedy’s death. It was called The People Lobby. I wanted teenagers to know how exciting politics can be. After that, I began writing mysteries and novels. I have been writing and living in New York ever since. At certain times of the year, I can be found out at Shea Stadium watching, the New York Mets. And of course, I still daydream. Now I daydream that they will win the World Series again.




    Peter, Liz, Larry and Robie

    Friendship and laughing are a big part of my life.

    I write a lot about characters and real people who make mistakes in their lives. Learning how to be loyal and to laugh at myself and with my friends and family is something I still work on. Here I am on my sixth birthday with my brother Larry and my cousins, Robie and Peter. Robie Harris is another children’s book writer and still one of my best friends. 


    Dracula is a Pain in the NeckLiz and brother Larry

    Writers try to look closely at our lives and how we live. Notice my brother’s hands are a little close to my neck. No wonder I wrote Dracula is a Pain in the Neck. I get a lot of my ideas from the fights that I used to have with my brother, but we still love each other. And now I get to hang out with my family and my great-nieces and great nephews, and they give me ideas. We love to read and write together




    Third grade poemI loved my elementary school, and I had a wonderful third-grade teacher who taught me not to be afraid of making mistakes. She made me feel like a wonderful writer, even though I couldn’t spell. She even helped me get a poem in the newspaper.

    I’ve had some wonderful teachers in my life. At Brown University, Forrest McDonald taught me how to make writing come alive. I still love to write about some of the characters he taught me about.




    Liz and the Captain of the Queen MaryLiz sailing New York Harbor

    The wonderful thing about writing is that everything you do, you can write about, and you can always learn new things. When I wanted my character to live on a cruise ship, I took a cruise and of course, I had to interview the captain. And now, even if I am just sailing around New York Harbor, I am always on the lookout for new details.



    Who's that?Liz and Brant

    When I wrote Tackling Dad I did a lot of research.

    Who do you think the football player is in the picture?

    Which one of us do you think played real football?  



    Julia, Isabel, Sam and Liz

    When I’m alone and not writing, I love to hang out with my friends, bike around the city, but most of all I still love to read and daydream.

    Sometimes I am alone—and sometimes I am with others, and we share our daydreams and stories. Writing is lot of hard work but it still is fun. So send me your stories or daydreams. I’d love to read them!